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Upon Awakening…..

“Upon awakening let us think about the twenty-four hours ahead. We consider our plans for the day. Before we begin, we ask God to direct our thinking, especially that it be divorced from self-pity, dishonest,or self seeking motives.”
~page 86…..


A practice my mentor uses every morning is to open her eyes and bring to mind profound gratitude for being able to live another day. So many of our friends did not wake up today. We did. What will I make of this precious time? Getting in complete gratitude… then movement can begin for the day in an energy of abundance.

As you put each foot down deliberately in the early morning, whisper….”thank you… thank you… thank you” Knowing that you will not do this day perfectly, you can be grateful for all the mistakes you will make. The concept of a “do-over” is there for you to use. Saying something you said out of fear, you can ask for a “do-over” and create a day of expansion.

Your thinking will be put on a much higher plane, you will slow down and take in the beauty of the Season. You will comprehend the word “serenity and know Peace.” Your thinking will be more and more on a plane of Inspiration. For after all, we are here to inspire others to live fully, love openly, accomplish brilliantly.

Tears may fall today…. let them. Tears are a cleansing agent and a gift that shows your heart opening up to a greater freer YOU. What if today was the day you opened up to your next version? What if you allowed yourself to heal from the past and gently shut the door on it? What if today was the day you mined the GOLD nuggets, and cashed them in on a new life?

It’s a process. It’s a practice. It’s a miracle in the making. YOU get to choose and call it whatever you want. Whatever it is that you do today, be aware that you do make a difference to the world. YOU are special and unique and are here to transform everything around you to its greater self.

“Upon awakening let us think about the twenty-four hours ahead.

~In reverence for the gift that you are~


“Today I expect to have a fantastic day, unfolding with surprises.”


Expectancy is like a magnet, and a feeling tone of aliveness. Being pregnant with possibility, a young mother expects a beautiful new life to emerge. Along the way, pains may happen (WILL happen), that she breathes deeply through. There is no choice but to breathe deeply, expecting the beautiful baby coming.

Dialing in the most useful way to use your energy, expecting the best outcome, lets you relax into the moment. You cannot control another person, but you can control your thoughts about any situation. It is a practice. It is the practice of expectancy. Turning the volume up on the desired outcome, little things that use to bother you will slip away. In the feeling tone of LOVE for everyone, and a deep sense of KNOWINGNESS, expecting the best becomes a given.

“It does you NO GOOD to believe that its going to be hard or that its going to take a long time. It could be easy and it could happen today.” (Mary Morrissey) Your only job is to prepare to “make welcome” a brand new ,never before lived baby day expecting the best day ever in your life.

So whatever you choose to make today about. Expect the best! What if this was the day that everything shifted and you birthed a new YOU? What if……. ??? Would you be ready? Taking time to create a Vision of that new , more alive you, is important. Holding that Vision, even when things go “wrong”, is a Brave Thinking tool. What if you mastered that tool just for today?

By creating TODAY as the best day ever….. tomorrow can even be better than today. YOU have the POWER, YOU have the GIFT, YOU have the Source to LOVE more, SHINE more, and Change the world around you . EXPECT the BEST … one day at a time……

“Today I expect to have a fantastic day, unfolding with surprises.”

~ Tuning into the energy of expectance today~

“INTO YOUR GENIUS IN 2017 Vision Workshop”
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If you are a person who:
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Winter Solstice… all is calm…

“Silent Night, Holy Night… all is calm… all is bright….”

~Winter Solstice meditation


Imagine a world where children guided us all in knowing who we are and why we are here. Imagine knowing that you are loved unconditionally even when people were mad at you and you didn’t understand why. Imagine knowing that by sleeping deeply in Faith, that all the others calmed down as well. Imagine trusting a Power within yourself that whispers…. “you are safe here.”
In this week before Christmas, let’s take time out to be at Peace with the process of preparation. There is a certain silence with the world at the sight of a new baby. What if you were that baby and everyone was excited to see you in all your freshness? And all you had to do to earn it was smile and breath and sleep.
Finding that perfect gift for YOURself may be the most important event this year. What would you LOVE? What would you LOVE to receive? What would you LOVE to give? I’m guessing it would be priceless.!!!
“Silent Night, Holy Night… all is calm… all is bright….”
~ Celebrating YOU this Winter Solstice Day”!

We Believe in People….

“We believe in People. We know that each one of us is far more powerful and contains more potential than any circumstance, situation, or condition.”

~Core Value~ Life Mastery Consultant


What if you had a job that required you to believe in other people no matter what was going on in their lives? What if you saw beyond circumstances to a greater , freer, fuller life that is waiting to emerge? What if the birth you are awaiting is a birth of a new you?

Middle school teachers know this job so well ! Reaching for that doorknob into a classroom full of adolescent energy, expecting the unexpected, a feeling of being in the middle of change emerges. There is an uncontrollable energy emerging in these young people.

Expecting the best, teachers pull out all their tools of connection. In that energy comes an unfoldment of mistakes, awkwardness, voices change to a lower octave with squeaks, pimples of imperfection come to the surfaces. And the teacher smiles and reflects….. “This too shall pass.”

Just for today, reflect back on that age of awkwardness. Lessons were taught that only by reflection can be understood. Take a moment to bless a teacher that kept showing up to show the way. Now take time to rewrite the story of the awkwardness with the gifts it held for you today.

“We believe in People. We know that each one of us is far more powerful and contains more potential than any circumstance, situation, or condition.”

~Love seeing teacher friends out on break blessing the gift they bring to children everyday~

Counting the Days~

Seek Happiness…

“Happiness might not always come with every action, but there can be no real happiness without action.” ~Benjamin Disraeli


How do you live in happiness? Taking time to celebrate the times that make you laugh, memories of a loved ones’ JOY in the moment of surprise, or just a crazy Hallmark movie, is a way to trigger happiness. And it requires action.

You can stay in the problem or create action that will bring you a moment of happiness. Bringing to mind your ideal picture of making someone happy, what is one action step you can do TODAY in that direction? Visiting someone who is in their last days with a candy cane , buying flowers and passing them through a drive-thru window at Wendys, whatever action you do, will benefit the receiver and YOU.

A friend of mine LOVES bacon !!! Magically a bacon-flavored candy cane appeared ! The anticipation of the moment of surprise is contagious. That is real happiness. Taking action on an idea is the first step. It is needed medicine for so many. “We do not sing because we are happy. We are happy because we sing.” ( William James)

Make sure that one of your action steps today is a giving of kindness and caring for another person. The action will be rewarded ten fold. Their laughter and smile may be the memory you hold of them forever.

“Happiness might not always come with every action, but there can be no real happiness without action.”

~Living in Happiness today~
What action steps will you take today to spread the Happy??

The Journey…..

“It’s good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

~Ernest Hemingway1518145_10201652734252488_1436437935_o

Take a moment to bring to mind a goal or destination you would LOVE to achieve this week. It may be getting the house clean for family. Or maybe it is just getting through the week for some time off work. Whatever it is, hold that in your mind for a few minutes. Knowing everything all worked out perfectly, what is the feeling that you have in that moment?

Would it be possible for you to let go of the details, knowing that if you never touched the “list”, it would still be perfect? Sure, we all want a certain outcome. The beauty and gift are in the journey and who you become in the process. Worry, doubt, fear are on that journey as well. What if , when they show up you turned to FAITH, TRUST, and CURIOSITY? Getting curious about what you are learning in the process of your daily life, a calm, confident YOU emerges.

The journey is the gift. The storms are the gifts. The uncertainty is a part of the gift. And at the end of the journey you have found a new you. The destination is a fresh new you because you were willing to be in a calm, centered, knowing space. You have done the work, connected with the people who can help, prayed along the way, and a fulfilled YOU emerged. Believing in the process of growth, YOU became the light and glowed with JOY.
And so , as we embark on the journey of this week, let’s try on a new mindset of possibility. Keeping the destination in mind, ask yourself, “If it is all about the journey, how can I make it a smooth ride? What is one action step I can take today in the direction of that destination with grace and ease? Life gets easier. Love directs your way. Making a new memory of PEACE and WILLINGNESS to believe, you relax into your life TODAY.
“It’s good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
~Reaching new heights in each moment~

Stay the Course…..

“Stay the Course….. Face the Storm….. DO it Afraid……
~Calico Jack


It is easy to say “It’s SO hard”, when going for your dream. Old patterns of thought and negativity loom before you that have stopped you before many times. What if you reframed those words to… “It’s SO FREEING?” Staying the course with a mentor by your side, you meet challenge after challenge.

There is a system and a pattern for facing the storms. It is a proven system that has been used countless times to get to the other side. Staying the course through all seasons, doing it afraid with another person who has been there, requires a commitment to yourself. Is this your time? If not now, when?

I am gifting a coaching session to 5 people who are ready to “GO FOR IT.” If you know there is something more for you and don’t know what that something is, this will help. It is important to know where you are now, and then together we will design your new destination. This is a limited offer till December 31 for the first 5 people to respond.

And so, just for today, take some time to look at the storms in your life. They are there to help you grow past for a new life. Fear is a part of the journey. Fear is the growing edge of the next you. Reaching out and doing it afraid takes you to a fresh, new you. Isn’t that the gift we all want for 2017?

In this season of LOVE and PEACE, there is also a gift called Willingness to begin. No matter where you are on this journey toward 2017, know that you are loved and appreciated right where you are today. Taking the first step and reaching out, you will see a shift that is the first sign of FREEDOM.


Live in Your Vision…

“Everyday I look for ways to live in my Vision.”

~Meditation Affirmation


Take a moment to look at your life from a birds eye view. What do you see in the area of your relationships with others and yourself? Where are you praising yourself and others? Where are you acknowledging yourself for a WIN and giving a high five? Where are you holding on to resentment and fear of others?

Creating a Vision of an Ideal Relationship, your life gets easier. You have a template to put your actions into. Being a person of increase to others, maybe you would love to serve and give your time to a charity. Maybe you would love to belong to a choir that sings music that soothes the soul. Maybe you would love to BE a person that radiates aliveness and fun. YOU are in a relationship with the world around you.

Whenever you find yourself distracted by negative thoughts about another person, bring yourself back to that Vision of the person who is changing the world around you. What would that person be saying, doing, and appreciating? Take one action today in the direction of that Vision. Anything that would put you in the feeling tone, such as a card, smile,or hug will radiate outward.

As we close out the year 2016, let’s look back on the times we knew we made a positive impact. Take time to reach out and reply to this email about how you are making that impact with the people around you. Celebrate your aliveness and your contribution. We need ideas that transform. Everyday in every way.

“Everyday I look for ways to live in my Vision.”

~ Peace, Love, Willingness, JOY~

I am preparing a webinar celebrating the everyday WINS people have had during 2016. I would love to include yours.

Begin with the End…

“I begin with the end in mind.”


In a “long view” of the week, what would you love to be saying about your days on Friday? In a mental snap shot of Friday are you saying you stayed calm, centered, and confident every day? You get to decide. What would you love? How will setting the Vision of a perfect week move you to make decisions that will move you forward?

Many gifts are given to you along the way. You get to choose what Vision you will serve. Taking a deep breath in a tense moment, you might choose to listen with your heart instead of reacting in anger. Putting your attention on serving the Vision of calm, situations that use to upset you melt away. What if???

This is how to live a vision-driven life. Using your gift of Perception, the conditions that use to upset or baffle you become the gifts of the day. Instead of calling them “challenges” you call them opportunities for growth. Thinking beyond to the other side, would you love to tell a new story of everything working out for the best?

Let’s try on this experiment. Focus on Friday and everything working out. Take an action step each day to write that story. Put on on item of clothing that shows you are living that Vision. Spread the Good News.

“I begin with the end in mind.”

~Live a Vision-Driven Life~

Precious Child …..

“I am a precious child of God.”


WOW! And so are you and you and you and you! Deep down in your beautiful heart there is a stirring that knows you are loved beyond words. Seeing yourself in the mirror with JOY, LAUGHTER, and SURPRISE, there is a sparkle that says…. GO FOR IT! Todays’ look is pure JOY!

The next time you look in the mirror, look deep into those eyes and see that beautiful child within that is longing to express goodness and light. Seeing beyond all circumstance, situation, or current condition, just for a moment see that smiley kid.

Take that moment to DREAM……. what would I love to create that would shine out that child again? Removing all doubt, worry, and fear… just breath into the possibility that the world needs you to shine. AND YES… IT IS YOUR TIME. If putting it off for another year is your habit, just for today, do one thing in that direction of finding your light . Let it shine for just one day.

Life Mastery is a six month program for people who are ready to shine their light. In a supportive group coaching environment, gathering for lessons of TRUTH about the inner light, miracles occur. If you are a person who has been on a path of discovery and yearning for more…. this is your program. It is not for everyone. Courageous people who are ready for change are walking this path. Message me if you are interested to interview for this adventure.

Just for today….. look into the mirror and say….. I AM A PRECIOUS CHILD!!